C-Mount Prime Lens set by IB/E Optics

The German company IB/E Optics, designers of Schneider Kreuznach’s new Cine-Xenar line of 35mm prime lenses, has announced a set of 2K c-mount lenses for single chip cameras. At present their website only shows a 1.8/6mm wide angle lens which is presumably a prototype. Designed to cover a 2/3″ sensor, these lenses are clearly aimed at the market that will develop once the Red Scarlet Cinema interchangeable lens camera is available.

Technical information for this 2/3 Inch single CCD prime set:

- Image sided telecentric system
- High transmission coated for best TStop and reduced flare
- T-Stop 1,6
- Distortion lower 2 %
- MTF 14 lp/mm > 90 % on axis at FNo 1,6
- MTF 56 lp/mm > 75 % on axis at FNo 4
- Rel. illumination drop max. 50 % at full FNo
- Dia 69 mm
- Length: 70 mm
- Adjustable BFL and azimut
- Focus adjustable from 175 mm to infinite
- Focus turn 270°
- Variable iris

LINK: http://www.ibe-optics.com/C_Mount_Lenses_2K


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