C-Mount Prime Lens set by IB/E Optics

The German company IB/E Optics, designers of Schneider Kreuznach’s new Cine-Xenar line of 35mm prime lenses, has announced a set of 2K c-mount lenses for single chip cameras. At present their website only shows a 1.8/6mm wide angle lens which is presumably a prototype. Designed to cover a 2/3″ sensor, these lenses are clearly aimed at the market that will develop once the Red Scarlet Cinema interchangeable lens camera is available.

Technical information for this 2/3 Inch single CCD prime set:

– Image sided telecentric system
– High transmission coated for best TStop and reduced flare
– T-Stop 1,6
– Distortion lower 2 %
– MTF 14 lp/mm > 90 % on axis at FNo 1,6
– MTF 56 lp/mm > 75 % on axis at FNo 4
– Rel. illumination drop max. 50 % at full FNo
– Dia 69 mm
– Length: 70 mm
– Adjustable BFL and azimut
– Focus adjustable from 175 mm to infinite
– Focus turn 270°
– Variable iris

LINK: http://www.ibe-optics.com/C_Mount_Lenses_2K

9 thoughts on “C-Mount Prime Lens set by IB/E Optics”

  1. Hello. I’m looking for a 1 inch threaded 27mm C-mount lens for my NVD Micro Monocular. The NVD Micro is a night vision device. I would like to know where I can pick up the C-mount lens and how much it would be. My email is mjhalasz@gmail.com

  2. was browsing c lenses and found these, do they still plan on having them in production, they could work with the black magic cinema camera

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      It looks like they might have taken these off planned production. I’m not sure they would have covered the Black Magic sensor anyway – these were going to be for 2/3″ sensors which are quite a bit smaller than the Black Magic one.

      1. The (much anticipated) Blackmagic ‘Super 16mm’ sensor is a hair smaller than the traditional Super 16 mm film gate (7.41mm x 12.52 mm Film vs 7.02 mm x 12.48 mm Blackmagic). 1 inch machine lenses are recommended.

  3. I stumbled upon your website because I was looking for a c-mount lens that is compatible to my unibrain 580c industrial type camera for machine vision. It has got a 1/3″ sensor and I wonder if all c-mount lenses would work well with that.

    I hope you could help shed some light on my confusion.


    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, most c-mount lenses will work but there are a lot of variables. It largely depends on the application you need it for.
      First off, the Unibrain 580c is a c-mount camera – be careful when buying a lens that you do not get a CS-mount lens which has the same screw mount but a shorter flange-focal distance so would not work.
      There are also c-mount lenses made for smaller sensor sizes than 1/3″ (e.g. 1/4″) so make sure the lens you get is for 1/3″ or larger.
      Lenses made for larger sensors will work fine but will give a narrower field of view (i.e. a lens which gives a “normal” field of view on a large sensor will be a telephoto on the smaller 1/3″ sensor). A 6mm lens will be about a “normal” lens on the 1/3″ format: a shorter focal length will be a wide angle, a longer focal length will be a telephoto.
      Then you need to decide whether you need a fixed focal length (always the same field of view) or a zoom lens, how bright you need the lens to be (an f1:1.0 or f1:1.2 will perform better in low light but may sacrifice sharpness or push up the price if it’s not needed), and whether you need manual iris or auto iris.

      Here are some links that may help:

      Hope this helps a little.

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