Prime Lenses

Amitar f 1.4/1 ½ inches (38mm)
Amitar f 1.6/3 inches (75mm)
Amitar Cine lens 1.9/75mm

Zoom Lens

Astronar Zoom 6.3/95-205mm

I believe Amitar and Astronar are the same company/brand since both names are sometimes found on the same lens. They are fairly rare lenses (probably other focal lengths exist too) made, I believe, up until the 1970s. I’m not sure if Amitar was a manufacturer or whether it was a 3rd party brand label, but suspect the latter. The Amitar name is also found on 8mm film lenses in D-mount (and c-mount?), enlarging lenses for darkroom use and M42-mount still photography lenses.

The Astronar lenses were usually 35mm telephoto lenses (some of them very long – up to 800mm). An Astronar 6.3/95-205mm zoom was available in M42 mount, so the c-mount zoom mentioned above is presumably the same lens.

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