Angenieux 1.6-2.2/9.5–57mm (6 x 9.5B) (T1.9, HEC T1.8) Close focus 2 feet
Angenieux 2.2/9.5-95mm (10 x 9.5B) T2.8 Close focus 2.5 feet
Angenieux 2.2/10-150mm (15 x 10B) T2.3 Close focus 5 feet
Angenieux 2.2/12-120mm (10 x 12B) (T2.5, HEC T2.1) Close focus 5 feet
Angenieux 2.2/17-68mm (4 x 17B) T2.5
Angenieux 2.2/17.5-70mm
Angenieux 3.5/12-240mm (20 x 12B) T4.2 Close focus 5 feet
Angenieux 2.8/15-150mm (10 x 15B)
Angenieux 1.2/16-44mm T1.3
Angenieux 17-102mm T2.9
Angenieux 3.5/28-112mm C MOUNT
Angenieux 15-300mm c-mount Aaton Red One
Angenieux 20-80mm C Mount Lens


Angenieux 1.8/5.9mm (Type R7) T2 – fixed focus
Angenieux 1.8/10mm
Angenieux 1.3/15mm
Angenieux 0.95/25mm (Type M1)
Angenieux 1.4/25mm
Angenieux 1.5/50mm
Angenieux 2.5/75mm
Angenieux 2.5/100mm
Angenieux 2.7/150mm

13 thoughts on “Angenieux”

  1. I own a newer Nikon camera and would like to attach an older Angenieux lens on it. The Angenieux lens I am referring to is a 90mm 1.8 type P1 lens. I don’t really know much about this type of lens and was hoping from some help here. I know it’s an excellent lens, but what I don’t know is what kind of adapter I need to start using it with my Nikon. I don’t see that particular lens listed here as a C-mount lens and it doesn’t have the traditional screw type connection of C-mount lens. This lens has a bayonet type mount. Is anyone familiar with this lens and can guide me in the right direction on what kind of adapter I need?

  2. Hi Jason, how are you? Let me ask something. Will the lens from super 8 cameras cover the bmpcc sensor without vignettes? I’m looking for these kind of lens but i’m not sure if it will work well. So, it will be very helpfull if you could give some tips about old lenses.

    1. Hi Rodrigo,

      Thanks for the message and sorry it took me so long to approve – it got mixed up with the spam I’m afraid.

      Super 8 lenses will not cover the BMPCC in general. There may be some exception at longer focal lengths, but they will usually be 16mm lenses mounted on a Super 8 camera (either c-mount lenses or sometimes you find D mount lenses which are exactly the same as the C-mount equivalent but just have the different mount).

      I’m fine thanks, hope you are too.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for this great resource! It’s been really helpful to me, and many others I’m sure.

    Do you know if all the Angenieux c-mount lenses will cover super 16? Or are there ones that are only designed for standard 16mm?

    I’m thinking of getting the 10-150mm or 12-150mm for the excellent range they cover. I’d be using it on a BMPCC.


    1. Hi Tristan,

      The Angenieux c-mount lenses were designed for standard 16mm not Super 16, although some will cover Super 16.
      Neither the 10-150mm nor the 12-120mm will cover the BMPCC (I don’t think there is a 12-150mm).

      The zoom lenses that will cover are:
      2.8/15-150mm, 2.2/16-78mm, 2.2/17.5-70mm, 2.5/20-80mm. I believe the 1.2/16-44mm covers too (but it’s a rare and generally expensive lens).
      Your best options for the best range possible are probably either the Angenieux 2.8/15-150mm or the Canon 2.8/15-150mm.

      For anything wider than this without vignetting, you will have to look at lenses designed for Super 16 or converted to Super 16 from standard 16 (e.g. Zeiss 10-100mm converted to 12-120mm). Those will usually be considerably more expensive and not in c-mount. See for more info.


        1. Yes, that’s the 10-150mm. It exists in c-mount too, but I’m pretty sure it won’t cover Super 16 throughout its range whatever mount it is (the lens is the same).

  4. If you don’t mind, let me help you with few more Primes. (from the top of my head)

    Angenieux 2.2/9.5mm (Type R3) – fixed focus
    Angenieux 2.2/12.5mm (Type R4)
    Angenieux 1.4/25mm (Type R42) – Special P for Bolex RX

    Jason, thank you for doing a great job on this website. Are you located in the US? I’m a collector of lenses and we might have one or two things in common to talk about. Please feel free to contact me.

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