Angenieux 1.6-2.2/9.5–57mm (6 x 9.5B) (T1.9, HEC T1.8) Close focus 2 feet
Angenieux 2.2/9.5-95mm (10 x 9.5B) T2.8 Close focus 2.5 feet
Angenieux 2.2/10-150mm (15 x 10B) T2.3 Close focus 5 feet
Angenieux 2.2/12-120mm (10 x 12B) (T2.5, HEC T2.1) Close focus 5 feet
Angenieux 2.2/17-68mm (4 x 17B) T2.5
Angenieux 2.2/17.5-70mm
Angenieux 3.5/12-240mm (20 x 12B) T4.2 Close focus 5 feet
Angenieux 2.8/15-150mm (10 x 15B)
Angenieux 1.2/16-44mm T1.3
Angenieux 17-102mm T2.9
Angenieux 3.5/28-112mm C MOUNT
Angenieux 15-300mm c-mount Aaton Red One
Angenieux 20-80mm C Mount Lens


Angenieux 1.8/5.9mm (Type R7) T2 – fixed focus
Angenieux 1.8/10mm
Angenieux 1.3/15mm
Angenieux 0.95/25mm (Type M1)
Angenieux 1.4/25mm
Angenieux 1.5/50mm
Angenieux 2.5/75mm
Angenieux 2.5/100mm
Angenieux 2.7/150mm

About the Author

jason Jason has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. He has worked in large, medium and 35mm formats in fields ranging from fashion to the travel and leisure industries. In recent years his interests have extended to video and film making as well.