Prime Lenses

Apollo TV lens 1.5/5.5mm
Apollo TV lens 1.3/8mm
Apollo MC TV lens 1.3/12.5mm
Apollo TV lens 1.4/12.5mm
Apollo High Speed Lens 0.85/25mm (made in Japan)
Apollo TV lens 1.4/25mm
Apollo MC TV lens 1.3/50mm
Apollo TV Lens 1.4/50mm
Apollo TV Lens 1.9/50mm
Apollo MC TV lens 1.4/75mm

Zoom Lens

Apollo Television Lens 1.8/18-90mm
Apollo MC TV Zoom 1.6/18-108mm

Apollo appears to be a rebrander of various makes of lenses, generally of good quality. There are also Apollo binoculars on the market – probably the same company. The older lenses seem to be Cosmicars (the 1.4/12.5mm, 1.4/25mm, 1.4/50mm, 1.9/50mm). The newer multi coated 1.3/50mm and 1.4/75mm lenses appear identical to other unbranded lenses that I’ve seen. I suspect Computar might be the manufacturer but may be wrong. The 0.85/25mm high speed lens has been referred to as an “Angenieux” clone, although I rather wonder whether it might be made by Fujinon (there is a Fujinon 0.85/25mm).

13 thoughts on “Apollo”

  1. Hi.
    i’m currently looking for 1″ c-mount zoom lens, like the Apollo,
    to mount on m4/3 sensor.
    are these the only ‘budget’ 1″ zoom lens made? any other options?


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the comment.

      No, there are plenty of others. They are mostly (all?) out of production though, so you need to buy them second hand. The problem can be in understanding which ones cover a 1″ sensor and which are for 2/3″.

      Canon’s 1″ lenses have a model number starting “PV” or “V”, the 2/3″ lenses start with a “J”. The Canon V6x17, f2 17-102mm covers the micro 4/3rds sensor pretty well with just a little vignetting at the shorter end. The Canon V6x16, f1.9 16-100mm vignettes a little more but is still useable on some subjects. There are others:
      Canon TV Zoom V10x15 2.8/15-150mm
      Canon TV Zoom V6x16 1.9/16-100mm
      Canon TV Zoom V6x16 2/16.5-95mm
      Canon TV Zoom V6x17 2/17-102mm
      Canon TV Zoom V6x18 1.6/18-108mm
      Canon TV Zoom V6x18 2.5/18-108mm
      Canon TV Zoom V5x20, 2.5/20-100mm

      Fujinon’s 1″ lenses begin with a “C” if I remember correctly. You may pay more for these:
      Fujinon-TV Zoom C10x16A, 1.8/16-160mm
      Fujinon-TV Zoom C10x16, 2.5/16-160mm
      Fujinon-TV Zoom C6x17.5, 1.8/17.5-105
      Fujinon-TV Zoom 20-100 (I think)
      Fujinon-TV Zoom C14x25, 3.5/25-350mm

      The Schneider Kreuznach Variogon f2/18-90mm is a nice lens made for 1″ sensors but again, may cost a little more.
      The Carl Zeiss Jena Vario Tevidon f2/18-90mm is also a very nice lens (comes in c-mount and Tevidon bayonet), but liable to fetch a high price.

      Other budget options may be lenses by Computar, Cosmicar, Tarcus, VT, Ernitec, Navitar:
      Cosmicar TV Zoom 1.5/22.5-90mm
      Computar TV Zoom 2.0/17-102mm
      Ernitec TV zoom 1.8/16-160MM
      Navitar DOZ-10×16, 2.0/16-160mm
      Navitar 7000 Zoom 2.5/18-108mm (macro lens, much copied or made for other names)

      I’m sure there are others too, particularly the above lenses made with other names on them, so if you see an unfamiliar manufacturer’s name with a likely looking focal length you might get a bargain.

      Hope this helps,

      1. wow, thanks so much for all this info.

        so you’re saying that not all 1″ zooms can cover most of the m4/3 sensor?
        what’s the ‘rule’?
        it’s such a long list, so how do i know what 1″ favors the m3/4 better?
        is it just the Canon one that you mentioned?
        i really try to avoid being ‘stuck’ only with GH2 EX-TELE mode.
        oh and i HAVE to get a PARFOCAL one, otherwise it’s no use.
        aNd most Ebay sales don’t mention this at all.
        does this narrow my options?

        1. Most (if not all) 1″ zooms will cover “most” of the sensor. Very few (probably none) of them will cover all the sensor without any vignetting at all focal lengths.
          Generally speaking, the longer ones are likely to be better (the Canon 2.5/18-108mm has fairly good coverage, but even that has some vignetting).

          In theory, I think they are all parfocal. In practice, I find that how well they keep their focus can vary quite a lot between different models and maybe even between different versions of the same lens.
          I think parfocal performance is very much affected by flange focal distance, so that just a tiny difference in the position of the rear element can make a big difference to how well a lens keeps its focus when zooming.

          1. oh, well, thanks.
            now i finally understand.
            i will ALWAYS have some vignetting on ANY tube size for any width more open than around 35mm on m4/3’s. right?

            so i guess i’ll look for those smaller 8-48mm and only use ETC mode.
            my bet is on the cheap Rainbow or Pentax.

          2. i think i found my best option, but i’m afraid for it’s price :(

            the Fujinon 7.5-105mm.

            it’s not 1″ but it has the best sharpness and it’s free of any distortions on ETC mode.
            did you have a chance to work with it?
            how much do you suppose i should pay for it?
            and how hard is it to modify?

            thanks! (sorry for posting on another subject here..)

          3. That would be a 1/2″ lens. The ETC mode should cover it OK.
            I have no experience with the 7.5-105mm but I have a Fujinon 1.7/10-140mm which I think is a similar lens made for 2/3″ sensors. It’s a very nice lens.

            I saw a 7.5-105mm for sale recently but it had a central spot filter. I would certainly avoid this – it gives funny round shapes in the bokeh and there is a huge fall-off in the light passing through the lens once the aperture is closed past about f5.6 (the lens becomes unusable closed down).

            How much to pay? I don’t really know – I would think upwards of $150 at present unless you get lucky.

      2. I would like to clarify.
        Are these lenses designed for 1″ sensors too?
        >Cosmicar TV Zoom 1.5/22.5-90mm
        >Computar TV Zoom 2.0/17-102mm
        >Ernitec TV zoom 1.8/16-160MM
        >Navitar DOZ-10×16, 2.0/16-160mm
        >Navitar 7000 Zoom 2.5/18-108mm

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