Prime Lenses

Apollo TV lens 1.5/5.5mm
Apollo TV lens 1.3/8mm
Apollo MC TV lens 1.3/12.5mm
Apollo TV lens 1.4/12.5mm
Apollo High Speed Lens 0.85/25mm (made in Japan)
Apollo TV lens 1.4/25mm
Apollo MC TV lens 1.3/50mm
Apollo TV Lens 1.4/50mm
Apollo TV Lens 1.9/50mm
Apollo MC TV lens 1.4/75mm

Zoom Lens

Apollo Television Lens 1.8/18-90mm
Apollo MC TV Zoom 1.6/18-108mm

Apollo appears to be a rebrander of various makes of lenses, generally of good quality. There are also Apollo binoculars on the market – probably the same company. The older lenses seem to be Cosmicars (the 1.4/12.5mm, 1.4/25mm, 1.4/50mm, 1.9/50mm). The newer multi coated 1.3/50mm and 1.4/75mm lenses appear identical to other unbranded lenses that I’ve seen. I suspect Computar might be the manufacturer but may be wrong. The 0.85/25mm high speed lens has been referred to as an “Angenieux” clone, although I rather wonder whether it might be made by Fujinon (there is a Fujinon 0.85/25mm).

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jason Jason has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. He has worked in large, medium and 35mm formats in fields ranging from fashion to the travel and leisure industries. In recent years his interests have extended to video and film making as well.