Astro Berlin

Prime Lenses

Tachonar 1.0/35mm
Tachonar 1.1/35mm
Astro Kino 1.5/50mm
Tachon 0.95/52mm
Pan Tachar 1.8/150mm
Fernbildlinse 5/150mm
Hypermedia 6.8/200mm

Astro Berlin was a Berlin manufacturer of quality lenses that found itself in the East German sector after the Second World War. The company existed from 1921 to 1991. It is particularly well known for its very long telephoto lenses as well as for some of its lenses with very wide maximum aperture. Today many Astro Berlin lenses are highly sought after by collectors. It made lenses for various mounts including 39mm Leica screw mount. It also supplied lenses for the Minifex camera, a German miniature camera made in the 1930s. This camera had a 13 x 18mm frame size and used a special 16mm film. A 1933 model was equipped with a 0.95/25mm Astro Berlin Tachon lens. Many of the Astro Berlin c-mount lenses were available in other mounts as well.

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