Bausch & Lomb Opt. Co. USA

Prime Lenses

Animar 2.8/12.7mm
Animar Balcote 1.5/25mm
Animar Balcote 1.9/26mm
Animar Balcote 3.5/50mm
Baltar 2.3/25mm (
Baltar 2.3/75mm
Tele-Animar Balcote 3.5/75mm

Bausch & Lomb is a famous lens manufacturer from Rochester, New York. Founded in 1853 by two German immigrants, John Jacob Bausch and Henry C. Lomb, it initially made monocles, eyeglass frames and spectacles before branching out into photographic lenses in 1883. In 1892 the company reached a cooperation agreement with Carl Zeiss. In 1902, William Bausch, son of the founder, was the first to create a lens shape directly by casting molten glass. The firm was an important producer of military optical products during both world wars. From 1936, the firm developed the world-famous Ray Ban range of sunglasses (sold to Luxottica in 1999). Bausch & Lomb also invented the anamorphic CinemaScope lens making the “wide screen” effect possible and enabling cinemas to double screen width.

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