Prime Lenses

Canon TV-16 1:1.5/13mm
Canon TV-16 1:0.78/25mm
Canon TV-16 1:1.4/25mm
Canon TV-16 1:1.4/50mm
Canon TV-16 1:1.8/50mm
Canon TV-16 1:2/100mm
Canon TV Lens 1:0.95/50mm
Canon 3.2/75mm

Zoom Lenses

Canon TV Zoom J10x11 1.8/11-110mm
Canon TV Zoom J6x11 macro 1.4/11.5-69mm
Canon TV Zoom J8x11 macro 2.1/11.5-90mm
Canon Fluorite C-16 Macro Zoom C10x12 2.2/12-120mm (Fluorite glass – supposed to be very sharp)
Canon TV Zoom J4x12 macro 1.8/12.5-50mm
Canon TV Zoom 1.8/12.5-75mm
Canon TV Zoom J10x13 2.4/13-130mm
Canon TV Zoom J5x15 2.1/15-75mm
Canon TV Zoom V10x15 2.8/15-150mm
Canon TV Zoom V6x16 1.9/16-100mm
Canon TV Zoom V6x16 2/16.5-95mm
Canon TV Zoom V6x17 2/17-102mm
Canon TV Zoom V6x18 1.6/18-108mm
Canon TV Zoom V6x18 2.5/18-108mm
Canon TV Zoom V5x20, 2.5/20-100mm

Made for the 1/2″ format:
Canon TV Lens PHF35 1.2/35mm  (only covers 1/2″)

Canon c-mount lenses, as one might expect are generally of the highest quality. The TV-16 series of lenses are so called because they were specifically designed for use both on early TV cameras and on 16mm cine cameras. They are mainly prime lenses, but some of the zooms are sometimes labelled TV-16 too.

The Canon 0.95/50mm listed above is the well-known (and highly priced!) Canon lens sometimes called the “Dream Lens”. It covers 35mm film and was originally made for the Canon 7 rangefinder system. It is not actually a true c-mount lens but has a Canon bayonet mount and its own dedicated c-mount adapter. Quite a lot of them have also been converted to other mounts, especially Leica M mount. Most of these lenses are simply marked “Canon Lens”, some are marked “Canon Cine” and some “Canon TV”, but they are all the same lens. Some further details can be found here.

The zooms also generally have the reputation of being excellent lenses. In particular, the Canon Fluorite C-16 Macro Zoom C10x12 2.2/12-120mm with its fluorite glass is supposed to be very sharp, while the Canon TV Zoom V10x15 2.8/15-150mm (sometimes labelled TV-16) is often compared favourably to the Angenieux 2.8/15-150mm. The prefixes to the model number refer to the sensor size the lens is designed for. The J lenses are designed for 2/3″ sensors, the V lenses for 1″ sensors. I would assume C-16 is an abbreviation for Cine-16.

Canon 1.9/16-100mm

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