Prime Lenses

Cosmicar mini-TV 1.8/4.8mm, fixed focus
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.8/6.5mm, fixed focus
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.4/8mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.5/8.5mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.4/9mm
Cosmicar VRS 1.3/12.5mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.4/12.5mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.9/12.5mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.4/16mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.6/16mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.4/25mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.4/25mm (small version)
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.9/25mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.4/50mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.8/50mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 2.8/50mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.4/75mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 1.9/75mm (18 blades??)
Cosmicar TV Lens 2.8/100mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 2.8/135mm
Cosmicar TV Lens 3.2/150mm

Zoom Lenses

Cosmicar/Pentax TV Zoom 1.4/10.5-105mm
Cosmicar TV Zoom 1.8/12.5-75mm
Cosmicar TV Zoom 1.5/22.5-90mm

Made for the 1/2″ format:
Cosmicar TV Zoom 1.0/8-48mm

Cosmicar lenses are a well-known quality brand made by Pentax (more recent lenses are labelled Pentax instead of Cosmicar). They also appear with the name Sun Cosmicar and were made for 16mm film under the name Kinotar.

3 thoughts on “Cosmicar/Pentax”

  1. hey jason
    i’m a little lost between the canon 17-102mm and Sun Cosmicar Pentax 22.5-90mm
    the two lenses fully covers the 16 sensor and gives a good quality
    may be the pentax quality is better but it also more price and the canon covers a wider range !

    so can u tell me witch one i have to go with it ?


  2. Hi Jason,

    I’m interested in the Pentax zooms, however I’m not sure if they cover the S16 sensor, or just standard 16. Have you managed to find much info about them? Specifically I’m looking at a COMPUTAR c-mount 11.5-90mm zoom f2.0.

    I guess an alternative would be to use a c-mount 1.5x extender, but I’m not sure how that would affect the image quality.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Tristan,

      I don’t have experience of the Computar 2/11.5-90mm zoom but I did have a Kowa 2/11.5-90mm which is probably pretty much the same lens. It didn’t cover Super 16 (maybe just about at the long end, certainly not at wide angle). I’m 99% sure the Computar wouldn’t cover either. You could use an 1.5x extender but it might not increase coverage enough. It would affect image quality but if of good quality perhaps not enough to be noticeable. But then you would end up having a focal length of 17.25-135mm and an effective max aperture of about 2.4. In my opinion it would be better to go for one of the 15-150mm (Canon, Angenieux), 17-102mm (Canon, Fujinon) or 18-108mm (Canon, Computar etc) zooms, all of which will cover Super 16.
      By the way, Cosmicar (but not Computar) lenses were a Pentax trade mark.


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